"Life is a road trip, have a good one"

Crave for ride, designed by motorcyclists for motorcyclists. The most "coolest" protective ridingwear there is available. At first meant for the custom and bike building scene like bobber, café race, scrambler and brat style enthousiasts. But in the meanwhile everyone seems to like it!

"World's strongest and safest motorcycle jean. We not only say it .... we proof it!"

Protect yourself with Resurgence Gears motorcycle jeans and jackets equiped with the revolutionary aramid called PEKEV®. After completing and passing testing for conformity to CE certification EN13595-1 Resurgence Gear achieved the coveted level 2 status with a record abrasion resistance of 10.83 seconds, exceeding the results from other motorcycle jeans by an impressive 1.5 times. This means that Resurgence Gear provides you the strongest and safest motorcycle jean available. We not only say it ....... we proof it!

"Unique riding masks"

The unique riding masks from Rare Bird London differentiate completely from all other masks available on the market, regarding style, comfort, material, wear and effectiveness. The masks not only protects from the daily elements like rain and wind but also gives you the best protection against air polution using an air purifying filter. And by using both modern and vintage materials, for both summer and winter periods, the masks are not only functional but are the most stylish available.


"Shaping the future of women's motorcycle gear"

Black Arrow is one of the coolest brands ever specialized in designing women's motorcycle gear. They refuse to compromise on safety or style - the Black Arrow rider has both. Designed in Australia, their vision is simple: look good, ride safe. Each and every Black Arrow piece is created with the rider in mind. They've fused style and safety to give the best of both worlds. With a fashion design background and years of creating garments for women, you can rest assured our gear is the perfect fit. Throttle on with confidence while the wind whips your untamed hair, leaving the world in your wake.

"Modern Motorcycle Wear with a Retro twist"

We introduce the Australian Blackbird Motorcycle Wear label in Europe. Modern motorcycle wear with a retro twist for the urban rider, without compromising on safety, quality and style. A great fashion styled range for both men and woman. You won't like it ..... you will love it!

"Loving everything with an engine and oil in it"

Oily Rag brings you a modern casual fashion collection in wich motorcycles and oil are central. Everything from tees to hoodies to complete your everyday wardrobe.

"Protection in style by legend Roland Sands"

Is there anyone who doesn't know icon and legend Roland Sands? Beside the wellknown wide range of motorcycle parts, Roland Sands als offers a wide range of cool motorcycle gear of the highest quality. Protection in style because two things are for sure .... you will be well protected on your roadtrips but also will look damn great!


"Live the ride ..... choose your helmet"

With a wide range of modern and state of the art helmets, Airoh can provide almost every type of rider with the right helmet. The focus is mainly on everyday road riding regarding sportive / touring and on/offroad. Beside that Airoh is a very well known brand on the MX track. Comfort, Quality, Safety and Style are fundamental elements for Airoh.



You want to stand out from the crowd? You want something different and raw? What you need is a Mad Exhaust.

A Mad Exhaust is not just another exhaust. It is different, it is beautiful, it is hand made and shows craftmanship. One thing is for sure.... you will be proud to own one.


A champions exhaust....

SC Project is a leading exhaust manufacturer based in Italy. Their philosophy is that the best performing exhaust can only be developed directly on the motorcycle battlegrounds ..... the world of motorcycle competitions and GP's. All SC Project exhausts are based on the knowledge, research and development that comes right from the track. And ofcourse SC Project is very proud to be official supplier of the HRC Moto GP team and 2017 Moto GP champion Marc Marquez. Beside the high quality, performance and finish, the SC Project exhausts stand particulary out for their amazing and unbeatable value for money. Don't we just all want to be champions?!



Passion - Experience - Excellence

The history of Leovince goes back to 1954 and over all these years untill now Leovince is still one of the leading manufacturers of exhausts for 4-stroke and 2-stroke motorcycles, scooters and quads. With a wide range of different and cool styles their exhausts let many heartbeats go faster. With Leovince, passion, experience and excellence absolutely come together in a great exhaust product.


Storm by Mivv

Under the name Storm, wellknown brand Mivv is offering a line of exhaustmodels for motorcycles from different brands and models. The exhausts are even available for some older motorcycle models for wich many manufacturers don't supply exhausts anymore. With an almost unbeatable value for money ratio, Storm is standing out from other exhaust brands. Great quality, sound and performance go hand in hand with an interesting pricetag. All exhausts are made out of high quality stainless steel, have a sportive look and are supplied either with or without European homologation.


Exhausts built with passion

Endy is a rather small company specialized in developing and building exhausts and where everything is based on passion. Handbuilt exhausts built with passion. The big advantage of Endy is the fact that they offer not only a wide range of exhausts for the latest vehicle models but also offer a wide range of exhausts for older vehicle models. From exhausts for motorcycles to scooters, you will find it all at Endy Exhausts. Suprise yourself about the good looking and wide exhaust range, the quality and great pricepoint and feel the passion.....








Parts & Accessories

Personalize your bike without limits

Every motorcyclist is an individu who likes to give his / her bike a personal touch. With the JN Seatcovers products you can give your bike the personal touch that you like. By choosing individual materials, designs, colours and even adding logo's, your seat will be turned into the personal "cherry on the motorcycle cake". The possibilities are almost unlimited. Beside seatcovers there are also complete seats available wich will not only give that personal touch to the motorbike but also provides a lot more riding comfort. For instance when special comfort gelpaddings are added. JN Seatcovers products are available for the widest range of brands, models, years and segments you can think of. From (Super)sport to MX and from Touring to Custom and even from motorcycle to quad. Everybody is welcome within the JN Seatcovers family!

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